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Thank you Steve!

The Hero

I woke up to this news about Steve Jobs’ death on the morning of October 6th and all I could do was to hold myself back in intense grief, that the day had come. I had not expected his cancer to be this quick and brutal. I was only left with inexplicable sadness in my heart and a deep breath to say ‘This is n’t fair’.

Admiration for Jobs starts with the moment you hold Apple devices in your hand. Your jaw just drops and a “Wow” gets uttered from your mouth involuntarily. This rarely happens with other products. I felt it when I opened up the iPod shuffle case, when I felt sleeky iPod Nano, when I fell in love with the iPod Touch, when I experience beauty with a Mac. It is “Magical”.

This artist was like never before never again. An artist who paid intense attention to detail be it his remarkable designs, logos, his talks, his words, anything he created were a work of a genius.

I have always wondered how it would have been to be in the times of legends like Einstein, Edison, Tesla, Visveswaraiah, Vivekananda, Subhash Chandra Bose or Gandhi.. I think I know now. I am in the times when Steve Jobs created Revolutionary, Incredible, Insanely Great and Magical products, in the times when Steve Jobs lived.

You redefined “Magical”.
Thank you Steve. R.I.P

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