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Thank you Steve!

The Hero

I woke up to this news about Steve Jobs’ death on the morning of October 6th and all I could do was to hold myself back in intense grief, that the day had come. I had not expected his cancer to be this quick and brutal. I was only left with inexplicable sadness in my heart and a deep breath to say ‘This is n’t fair’.

Admiration for Jobs starts with the moment you hold Apple devices in your hand. Your jaw just drops and a “Wow” gets uttered from your mouth involuntarily. This rarely happens with other products. I felt it when I opened up the iPod shuffle case, when I felt sleeky iPod Nano, when I fell in love with the iPod Touch, when I experience beauty with a Mac. It is “Magical”.

This artist was like never before never again. An artist who paid intense attention to detail be it his remarkable designs, logos, his talks, his words, anything he created were a work of a genius.

I have always wondered how it would have been to be in the times of legends like Einstein, Edison, Tesla, Visveswaraiah, Vivekananda, Subhash Chandra Bose or Gandhi.. I think I know now. I am in the times when Steve Jobs created Revolutionary, Incredible, Insanely Great and Magical products, in the times when Steve Jobs lived.

You redefined “Magical”.
Thank you Steve. R.I.P

Steve Jobs’ thoughts / His message


walk to remember…

what other place than an oceanside to experience serenity.

along the shores,
the waters in an endless effort,
to kiss away the sands at your feet,
the rhythmic sounds of waves,
in resonance with breezing winds,
sing adieu to a beautiful, smiling and dying sun.

it gives you the just-enough-silence,
it shows you how much you just don’t matter,
it shows you its might,
it shows you its magnanimity,
it shows you how time is prolonged,
it shows you how enormously long a minute is.

it is a serene experience. i wait to find an experience more blissful than at the one at the sea. it is a walk to remember…