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git quick start guide

i can almost certainly assert that emacs has been the best piece of open source software, for that matter, the best software i have ever used. the reasons are simple.emacs in itself it simple, it just fits the jobs right, it isn’t troublesome and some one some where has foreseen things which you would want in an editor and when you look out for that one thing you miss badly, you find it and it works awesome. alongside emacs, i started using this piece of open source software git.git is a version control software tool and was implemented by linus torvalds. i can almost certainly assert git has been as wonderful as software as emacs. my tryst with version control starts from using a commercial clearcase to an open source cvs, to a seemingly meaning svn to an ideal git. apparently, any piece of open source software is almost always written by geeks for geeks and there is a lot of “meaningful” documentation underneath. and for many of the “just-get-the-job-done” people, i  think, this is the crux of the problem. there is no “next-click-next-click” tool flow. we all grew up playing “space commander” on “windows” you see.

to make things easier, to get as many people use git instead of svn, i thought, i should list down a quick start guide to moving from svn to git. there are numerous amounts of git tutorials on the net which are far more detailed and far more interesting. so this is by no means undermining the effectiveness and the content of all such tutorials. this is not a detailed user guide, it’s just a quick start guide, which lets you start with changing things.

read on.