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Edison Set up Notes *Scratch*

This is sort of my scratch buffer for Edison setup notes which I can look up / or someone interested can look up anytime.

Enabling Audio on Edison – wonderful work by Alex T, an Engineer at Intel

Robotics and Nodejs

Installing johnny-five (Robotics interfaces, serial communications …

> npm install johnny-five

Installing edison-io for use with johnny-five

> npm install edison-io

Installing ncurses and vim –


> wget
> tar -xvzf ncurses-5.7.tar.gz
> cd ncurses-5.7
> ./configure –prefix=/usr
make install


> git clone
> cd vim> ./configure –with-features=huge
> make> make install

Installing git and other utilities

Add the following /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf

src all
src x86
src i586

then run

> opkg update > opkg install git

With Edison you might just get root partition filled up – so prepare to redirect user installs to sdard

Connmanctl Errors
Sometimes you might get an error when you run connmanctl D-bus not built with r-dynamic failing to get you to the connmanctl prompt. One of the solution is to just restart the daemon using systemctl

> systemctl enable connmanctl
> systemctl start connmanctl