Soldering Skills and PACE materials

I haven’t done much of soldering before – but seriously, this is one heck of a technology. The beauty with which the solder flows into the joints – wow! Last year, I started to get my hands dirty on #Makerstuff, and I planned to set up a mini work bench at home with components, breadboards, a soldering station, a nice Bosch tool kit and plan to accumulate stuff over time for a long term goal of mine [will share more details in future when things materialize]. I have a decent work bench now, so that’s an achievement over the last year which was good, which was hectic and was fun as well.

So back to soldering, I came across this wonderful wonderful series of lessons on Soldering by PACE. Incredibly crisp and beautiful description of how to solder and hone your soldering skills – A must watch for any #Maker, electronics enthusiast!

Here take your lesson today – worth every minute spent, the guys’ a genius –

And yeah I tried building a Grove Seeed Studio GPIO expander – I think I did pretty ‘okay’ but that got me started! I can surely solder well these days :-)



[experiences dated Nov2014/Jan2015 ]


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