Recovering your Intel Edison board

Am going to make this notes because I’ve been struggling to recover my Edison – Even though the documentation is straight forward, it took me a while to get my Edison recovered. It’s silly, I had forgotten my root password. And even more silly, I tried and tried a good amount of combinations and it just wiped it off my muscle memory as well. So here’s the notes on the same.

Recovering your Intel Edison
[if you have a bad firmware or if you’ve lost the password ]
I followed the same thread as in one of the communities except that I
had limited luck with Windows – I think the MMC area was simply not
getting written or formatted at all. Linux-1 Windows-0

Keep ‘screen’ connected so that you can have a look at the log of
what’s going on with Edison

> sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

1) Download the latest Full Yocto Image for Edison from the Intel
software downloads website

2) Unzip the image into a directory

> unzip -d ~/edison-image/.

3) Connect your Edison to Linux machine – Windows didn’t work well for
me for the same procedure of flashing.

4) Make sure you see the Edison partition accessible in Linux.

5) Copy over the contents of the image [now in the edison-image
directory]​ to the ​edison partition that you see in the machine. I
executed the below command, since my partition was mounted at

> cp -rf ~/edison-image/* /media/usb2/.

6) Unmount the partition so that all the files get written to the
MMC. This might take some time.

7) Reboot your edison and keep pressing a button until it take you to
uboot promp with something like > boot

8) Execute the following command

> run do_ota

9) This command should read the ota_update.scr file and then also
flash all the partitions including root. This will take some time
and then the board automatically reboots twice. Keep track of the
logs you see on the screen



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