Intel Maker IoT Roadshow 2014

Had this wonderful opportunity to mentor/volunteer at the Intel IoT Hackathon today!

Over a hundred Makers turned up and was really interesting to interact to get new ideas and what’s possible with the Internet of Things. Ideas like activity tracking for people who need care, smoke detection(Pun, the hall was all smoky for a while), tracking Rhinos, smart parking and what not!

And of course were three 3D printer demos – (see my twitter stream for photos) – two of them were very impressive!

a) CreatorBot’s low cost 3D printer for Rs. 20000 is sort of a hobby printer with innovation on the axis controls and open sourcing the software and the frame design! you can hack it yourself!

b) “Bramha 3D” printer – entirely indigenous design of high precision 3D printer from Bramha (I liked the name for this, literally implies Creator in Hindu mythology) and made completely from scratch in India – A true “Make in India” Project.

Envious of these participants for the sort of “Give away” devices they got.

First 100 participants got

a) Intel Galileo Gen 2 board
b) Intel Edison Board + Arduino Breakout Kit
c) Grove Sensor Kit (Sound, Temperature, Light, LCD, Pot, LED)
d) On demand sensors – accelerometer sensor, pressure sensors, gyros, LiPo batteries, Arduino shields and what not!

One guy turned up at 5AM in the morning and got a Basis Watch! Many guys got give-aways and cash for most active twitter users tweeting on #Intel #Maker stuff, selfies and stuff!

I’ve caught some of the glimpses from the event into this  album!


[experience dated Nov2014]


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